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The Best 3 Registers for Domain Name Registration you must consider in the US

Whether you have a big website or a small one, then one thing that both of those have in common is the fact that they need a domain name. The best way for you to get your hands on a domain name is by working with a domain registrar. However, since there are quite a few different options out there when it comes to these tools, sometimes it can be difficult to know which ones are the way to go. If you are someone that has this problem, then make sure to keep reading since today we are actually going to tell you about some of the best options that you can use for domain name registration in the US.


The first option that we are going to talk about is actually one whose name speaks for itself, and that is Domains.com. This is a solution that has been on the market since the year 2000, and those, nearly, 20 years in the business has made it incredible. This company is actually one that specializes in things like web hosting, email, SSL certificates, web design, VPS hosting, and of course, domain names. If you are looking for a registrar that will also give you hosting options, then this is a good one to check out because they currently offer you two WordPress hosting, VPS and shared hosting plans.

A good thing is that no matter which plan you choose to go for, you will always receive at least one free domain name, and apart from that you will also get unlimited disk space, ecommerce solutions, marketing tools and of course the SSL certificate that the company specializes in. You will get customer service 24/7 via phone and there is always a Frequently Asked Questions area on their website, which is something that you will really find helpful if you are not able to reach them. The registering will cost you $9.99 every year and that price is for a .com or .net kind of domain.


This is another solution that was launched all the way back in the year 2000 and since then it has gone to be recognized as an accredited registrar by the ICAHN, or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers for those of you out there that don’t really know what that means. In the years since the company was founded it has managed to get over 3 million customers and they currently manage over 7 million domains, and these numbers definitely speak for themselves in terms of how much people love Namecheap.com. This is also a company that has managed to score some awards for being one of the best, if that is something that you are looking for when registering a domain name for your website in the US.

Some of the main features that this company offers are domain transfers, SSL certificates, email, app integration and much more. If you are looking for a registrar that also doubles as a hosting service provider, then this is a great choice because they offer several different types- shared, reseller, VPS, private email and WordPress hosting. When it comes to customer support, the company offers you live chat and email ticketing and there is also something called a “knowledge base” which is a place where all customers can go in order to find tutorials for self-help and different kinds of guides. If you are interested in registering your domain name with Namecheap.com then that service will set you back $8.88 per year.


The company was founded in 2002, but has since changed ownership. However, that still doesn’t stop it from being an amazing registrar that has over 400.000 customers and that is currently running over 9 million domains worldwide. This is a solution that is primarily a web hosting provider, and these options include cloud, web, reseller, VPS, WordPress, application, dedicated and Windows hosting. If you are looking for hosting, and this is your company of choice, then we can definitely recommend the WordPress Cloud Hosting since it has great uptime, great prices and great loading speeds when it comes to the pages. In fact, when we compare HostGator to all of the other options that we mentioned above, we have to say that this is the best in terms of uptime.

The customer support is excellent and you can access it through live chat or email ticketing, depending on your problem. If you don’t want to have to wait for someone to get back to you, then you can always go to their page where you will be able to find a lot of resources, like video tutorials or forums, which will be of great help if you are looking for a way to solve your problems. When it comes to the registration of the domain name, the price here is a bit higher than the other options and it will cost you $12.95 per year. If you choose the Hatchling Cloud plan then you will get at least one free domain, while the Baby Cloud and Business Cloud plans will give the ability to get free unlimited domains, so you can choose a plan depending on what your needs are. This is also something that applies for the WordPress and reseller hosting, and you also have to know that the registration price will be the same even when you want to get a domain name with the .co, .org, .biz suffix and so on.

There are a lot of different registrars out there and finding the right one can be a challenge, but when you have a good guide line like this article, we believe that the whole process can be much easier. Make sure to take a look at Domain.com, Namecheap.com and HostGator.com, see all of the options that they will offer you for yourself, and we are sure that one of them will help you register your domain name for your business in the US. We hope you liked reading this article and that you will keep it in mind before you have to deal with the registration process. Check out how to pick a good domain name for your business.

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