5 Smart Ways to Optimize Your Free Stock Photos For SEO

The main aim of venturing into photography business is to get maximum exposure and ultimately increase your bottom-line. Most photographers just shoot photos, post them on photography websites and expect them to sell themselves. You have to optimize the images to get search engines to index them. Once search engines index your photos, it becomes easier for people to find them. One of the key strategies to achieve that is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). That means optimizing your photos for SEO. Here is a rundown of 5 smart ways to optimize your free stock photos for SEO:

Avoid uploading overly large free photos

According to Google, a good website’s average load time on a desktop or laptop is three seconds and for mobile devices, it approximately 5 seconds. Amazon recently reported that they lose upwards of 1.6 billion each year due to slow page loads. And considering that page speed is one of the factors search engines use to rank sites, you need to take page load time seriously. That’s why you should desist from using overly large images, as they massively reduce your page load speed.

Include keywords when naming and describing your free stock photos

Keywording your photos is paramount for greater visibility. Customers search images using specific keywords. So it’s only natural that you include qualitative keywords when naming and writing descriptions for your photos.

Complete your Alt tags to optimize your free photos for SEO

An Alt tag is simply an alternative text that props up your SEO. It incorporates additional keywords to your photos, and this can boost your search engine rankings tremendously. However, do not stuff it with keywords, lest you get penalized by Google.

Stay away from cookies if you want your free stock photos to rank high on search engines

A cookie also referred to as internet or web cookie, is a kind of message conveyed by a website to a searcher’s browser. It gets stored in a searcher’s browser. While cookies make it possible to identify users, prepare customized pages and save website login for them, it slows a website’s page load and negatively impacts the user experience. So if your images contain cookies, it’s disadvantageous to your site.

Take advantage of image sitemap to boost your free stock photos’ SEO

Building your image sitemap can enhance your photos’ visibility. Google image sitemap offers you the opportunity to add a title, caption, Geolocation and license to every photo. Just ensure not to utilize your thumbnail photos.