Where to Find and Download Royalty Free Stock Photos: 7 Websites to Use

Everyone wants to find and download photos from the internet for free! If you are wondering where to find royalty free stock photos – check out these 7 websites!

The web is flooded with websites and agencies to purchase stock images, download them, and use them for free! However, it is not easy to find the ideal free stock photos for your projects and you know it! You have to go through a lot of bad websites in order to find that one perfect photo.

We want to spare your time and make your job a little bit easier by presenting you the best places to find and download royalty free stock photos. We’ve made a list of the most popular and used placed you can use a source to find the ideal photos you need for your personal or commercial projects.

There are a lot of practical uses for these images – whether you run a website or a blog and you need a high-quality or high-resolution photo to accompany your article post, you want a cool and interesting Twitter photo or a cover for your new e-book. In some way, everyone can benefit from a stock photo!

Before we present you the best stock photography websites, let’s clear what is royalty-free?

Royalties are a percent of an income given as a settlement to photographers and artists for their creative work. Usually, royalties are utilized in place of upfront costs, however, some photographers charge royalties and upfront costs.

In other words, the royalty stock photos mean that the photo is helping you to make money in some way.

The websites, we are going to present are royalty-free which mean that once you find, download and use a certain photo, that photo is yours and you can use it for absolutely anything you want. You can use the photo for your personal or commercial projects without worrying about any additional costs. But, before you use the photo, don’t forget to check the terms and conditions of the website as royalty-free doesn’t always mean attribution-free. It is highly recommendable to check whether or not the photo requires attribution.

Here are the best websites you can use:

  • Shopify – Here you can find a huge selection of high-quality photos you can use for both private and business purposes. This website requires to register an account but that process only takes a few seconds. Once you will create an account, you can download photos.
  • Shutterstock – This is one of the most popular websites for royalty-free photos. They have a great search system that allows you to quickly search for the photo you need. The photos are not free. You can check the prices and download photos according to your budget.

  • SplitShire – Even though this website doesn’t have the biggest collection, they surely have some really cool choices. There is no attribution required and you can search through the categories in order to find the exact photo you want.
  • Unsplash – Here you can find some really amazing photos! You don’t need to make an account and none of the images require any attribution.
  • Morguefile – The quality of the photos on this website is not the highest, however, you can definitely find photos that will match your criteria.
  • io – If you are looking for a lot of free photos, no login required, a great search engine, and no attribution required, this is the perfect site for you!
  • SkitterPhoto – High-quality and unique photos! These are the first things you will notice about this site.

So, which is your favorite?